Waterproofing your roof mostly involves liquid applied membranes, which has been the most economical and eco-friendly option for quite some time. However, there are a huge variety of products.

Advance Roofing Inc use a premium liquid-applied technology that has proven very effective over the years, which is why we’re able to offer a single-source warranty for numerous full roof systems, including eco-friendly and green roofs and thermal insulation built-ups. It is critically important to consider the expertise of the roofing contractor, as well the material system that will be used to waterproof your roof. The chemical solution that will be used for waterproofing must be compatible with the current roof material. If the two are incompatible, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Before waterproofing the roof, it must be cleansed of any dust, debris, grease or any other bond-breaking elements that can weaken or disrupt the adhesion and the membrane, which can lead to early failure. Again, the correct detergent is critically important in removing substrates and preparing the surface for the primer which will be used to preserve bituminous oils from the existing roof. Before applying the primer, we will air blow and/or torch dry the surface. After priming the surface, we will treat all wall and floor type corners, drains, pipes and vents with reinforcing fabric that is embedded into the liquid membrane and/or an approved flashing grade sealant.

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