builder performs installation gable roof tiles of metal

Why Choose Tiles

Tile roofs are the stylish choice for the most part, and they can last for around 50 years but the underlayment has to be replaced every 20 years. The underlayment is not as expensive as a new roof but the cost is still significant. The tile can be made of clay, sand-cast or concrete, which is all fire-proof and resistant to algae and mildew. The maintenance on a tile roof is very minimal, meaning you won’t need to pressure wash as frequent as some other roofing material.

Disadvantages of Tile Roofing

High upfront cost, even though it balances out over time. Tile is typically double or triple the cost of other roofing systems. Repairs can be expensive, and tiles break easy. Even though they are very durable they are still fragile to heavy pressure, such as from heavy falling debris, or someone walking on them.

About Material

The roof tiles we use are made from natural, local and eco-friendly materials such as concrete, slate or terracotta (clay). We use superior quality material that sets us apart from the competition. As a result, we can confidently offer fireproofing and lifelong endurance.

About Cost

The most expensive are slate tiles, averaging at about $1000-$4000 per square (100 sq ft). The most economical tile is concrete, which cost around $400-$450 per square. Clay tile can range from $675-$1400 per square. These are all general estimates that can range lower or higher depending on your specifications. Contact us for free same-day quote.


A tiled roof will leak for various reasons. The most common leak issues are caused when your tiles are cracked, worn, broken, or debris build-up underneath closed tiles. We can help, whether it be cleaning out debris and reinstalling tile, repairing a damaged membrane, or removing and reinstalling broken tiles.


Roof cleaning is really important for various reasons. Health, home energy-efficiency, and your home’s aesthetics are at the top of the list of reasons. Cleaning your roof routinely (every 24 months) can help you avoid many issues later that are more expensive than cleaning. Algae growth on your roof is the most common concern here in South Florida’s tropical climate. The algae cause roofs of all types to appear very dirty and blackish.

When hiring someone to clean your roof, it is critically important for them to be well  experienced professionals or further damage is caused. Ideally, to remove algae, a chemical solution must be administered through a low-pressure sprayer. The chemical solution we use will eliminate all algae, fungus, mildew and all other microscopic spores that lead to toxic growth and damage.

We can clean almost any type of roofing material; asphalt and fiberglass shingles, flat, barrel, cement tiles, slate and more. All of our cleaning solutions are commercially approved and guarantee results.